When it comes to smartphones, the world over, the iPhone is arguably the most popular of them all. And really, why wouldn't it be? I mean, what's not to like? Aside from the iTouch technology, its wide screen interface, the social connectivity, text messaging and email as well as built in Safari browser, users of this device also have access to an extensive range of games, utilities and a wide range of applications for various needs.

Normally, standing up against software programs of such an extensive volume and number would seem to be a tad overwhelming, but as it turns out, what we have seen, is merely the tip of this iceberg.

If one pays attention to the buzz coming from the social scene, it is clear that attention is usually focused on "best sellers" which often times, gives one the misconceived idea that perhaps there is no space left for the average Internet entrepreneur to step in and become a part of the movement. Calling it a "misconceived idea" gave it away, but yeah, the idea is simply not correct.


Now, how many of us have ever considered publishing and then marketing our own iPhone App? Every day, a steadily increasing number of digital content finds its way into the Apple's AppStore, so what exactly are you waiting for? The reason for asking is because, if you have digital content of your own that you intend to publish in form of an iPhone app, it really has never been easier.

These days, due to technology, it has become rather easy and very cost effective for the average Internet entrepreneur, to publish apps of their own making, without having prior knowledge of anything that has to do with coding.

Don't worry about learning AppleScript or Xcode, or even how to program java into the iPhone operating system. Don't bother yourself with purchasing Apple's SDK developers kit as well as a Mac. A large number of companies are now available online, that offer the aspiring iPhone marketer, a push-button solution. What this means is that your app platform already exists, so all you need to do is fill it with whatever your content may be.


Keep in mind, however, that if your plan is to code a sophisticated game or utility perhaps, it is then essential for you to learn to code yourself or get a developer to handle it for you. To begin with, when you make your content available as an iPhone app, you are affording yourself immediate access to the ever growing mobile market. Most browsing is done from wireless mobile devices such as smartphones, hence, when you make your content "mobile", you simply expand your market reach. Also, seeing as your app will be hosted on its own server, the app can be updated anytime you want.

Three main ways exist through which you can create traffic and increase your marketing presence when you go mobile. Since the beginning of the Internet, smart marketers have been making their content available as a way of creating new traffic as well as making paying customers out of the existing leads. There is no doubt that this strategy works. When it boils down to it, an iPhone app is a method of distribution and as many marketers have found out, there is good value in distributing their digital content through iTunes, usually in the form of audio as well as video podcasts.


In order to do this with any success, it is important for you to offer something that will be considered substantial. For example, turning your blog into an iPhone app is a venture worth considering.


Do you already sell a digital product online? Well, if that is the case, a smart move to make, would be to make your iPhone app available as an option or even an addition to the product you sell already. It should be made available on your sales page. As an example, if you sell how-to digital eBooks for I instance, you could then make it possible for your customer(s) to download your app for free or conversely, you can make it available for a small fee. One could also apply this same strategy from the AppStore.


A lot of website owners, as well as bloggers, utilize advertising revenue in monetizing their sites. When you make your blog or website mobile, you provide extra revenue for your business, using the content you already have. Many mobile advertising networks and agencies exist, but arguably, the biggest one out of all of them, is AdMob, a network that has already served a few billion ad units to millions of consumers as at the time of this publication. Now, it is worthy of note, before venturing into this profitable activity, that the demographics need to be analyzed first. By that, I mean that not all web content is good for advertising. For example, one wouldn't expect a blog about something like knitting, to bring in a lot of advertising revenue.

Google's AdSense has better targeting and is more relevant, but seeing that AdMob has been reportedly bought by Google for $750 million, so I expect an improvement pretty soon available on whytheluckystiff.net

When you go into business with AdMob, it is as easy as pasting their code into your iPhone app. In turn, they help you with the metrics and analytics necessary for you to maximise your various revenue streams. You really should go mobile today, it's the future and you wouldn't want to miss out now, would you?